Unicycling noob, please help me figure out a few things.

Hi, first of all, let me just mention I’m new to this forum, so apologies if I’m posting in the wrong place.
Anyways, I’ve unicycled on and off for a few years now, and I’ve decided to try to really practice. I can ride normally fairly comfortably, freemounting I’ve pretty much mastered (although I still fall off once in a while), but there’s a few things I’d like too try out, and I was wondering if you guys could help me with it.

  1. Turning- I can turn easily enough, I just feel like I’m leaning way too far into my turns, and that I could fall over way too easily. Is there any way to turn without doing it?
  2. Idling- I’ve tried it, but I always tip over on the side that my foot’s putting all the weight on. Is there any way to counteract this?
  3. Jumping (or bouncing, I’m not sure what you guys call it)- I can never seem to figure out a good way to stop the wheel from turning when I bounce. Also, should I be putting most of my weight on the seat, or should I sort of stand up and be putting most of my weight on the pedals?

Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer these questions.

Basically these skills just require lots of practice. This stuff takes time to learn… and hopping involves standing up w/ your weight on the pedals or you’ll hurt your balls. Keep practicing, appreciate small improvements, and have fun!

Idling - it sounds like you have to give more time on your left/right balance. I learned idling by slightly leaning on a wall, with just one hand (opposite to the leg with “all the weight on”). gradually try less and less to rely on the wall, and when you only touch the wall with your fingertip - it’s time to try it with no help.

Jumping - or hops, you should stand on the pedals and hold the seat handle with one hand, balance with the other. From here I found it easy to think about the hop, like I’m gonna jump without unicycle (bend my legs > press on the pedals > spring up > absorb the hop > …and so forth).

Good luck

Ok, thanks! I’m having trouble with hopping though. It seems like I’m having difficulties jumping while still keeping my weight on the pedals. Any suggestions for that?

If you are trying to hop on the spot, you want to lock your knees and bounce with your ankles. You only need to bend your knees if you are trying to hop high. Try holding onto a wall and just bouncing up and down using your ankles. You don’t even need to get your tire off the ground, just bounce. Once you are good at that try hopping up and down next to a wall and then learn to hop without the wall. Also, make sure your tire pressure isn’t too high. Having a lower tire pressure will make all of this easier.