Unicycling newbie video

I suppose this isn’t terribly exciting, but here’s a video of me from today. This is, I think, my fifth practice session on this thing, and overall, I’ve put about ten hours in. Usually I go down to a nearby beach house where there’s a nice waist-high wall to practice along, but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can go more than a few feet without support, so now I can practice in my driveway.

Also, not quite sure how to embed videos in this forum. On my end, this is just coming through as the plaintext link.

(Yeah, as someone noted, it’s called, perhaps amusingly, A Boy and his Unicycle. I suppose to a dad (who shot this), even at 32, you’re still a boy. grins)

Ah, I guess I figured out the embedding thing!

Welcome to the one-wheeled world. Keep up good work :slight_smile:

You are doing great! It is good to have you join the ranks!

Thanks for the support and encouragement!

It feels pretty good. The first time I managed a long run without falling off, I almost stood up and cheered!

wow! 10 hours in five sessions? That’s great. I wish I could have practiced that long in my first week. At this rate, you’ll be taking off down that street in no time. Nice!

All he needs to do is make that right turn at the end of his driveway & keep on going.

Great work. :slight_smile:

Since I’m back to school as a full time student these days, I’m lucky enough to have a lot of time to myself over the Summer. I’m working a part time job at school a couple days a week, and other than that I have time, if not a lot of money.

At the moment, I often get tripped up on the slope down at the end of the driveway and back up into the street, though I have made it all the way across a few times. I also have a turning radius that is probably approaching that of a Mack truck, but I’m working on it.

I’m trying to be conscious of a number of things in my practice right now. More weight on the saddle is a big one, as is a more controlled dismount and realizing when I’m going to fall so I can stop and dismount gracefully instead.

I’m getting there!