Unicycling makes it to mainstream videogame.

Unicycling in new jackass game!
Just watch the video.

Cool. The gallery link at JackassTheGame.com has pictures of the unicycling bits.

The game is going to be available on PSP, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo DS. No Xbox flavor. I might have to get a PSP just to play the game.

But it might be released on the Xbox L8R on. :smiley:

Wonder if it would come out on PC?? :thinking:

awesome i want it!!


I think you mean “returns”… In the mid 90’s there was a game released by the name of “uniracers”.

SNES in the mid 90’s thats as mainstream as it got. Uniracers, I might add was a game 100% about unicycling. Id go download some SNES emulator and find uniracers. Hell buying the actual system with the game is prolly cheaper than a PSP. All and all I bet Jackass is a pretty lame game.

i dont think it will be good for the sport.

make it look like a novilty like riding in a trolly or somthing

bye bye

It’s interesting that of the dozen or so postings of the trailer on YouTube, most of the thumbnails have the uni scene :wink:

Personally, I don’t really like that this happened.

Jackass isn’t my idea for a perfect TV show, it seems to have all the bad things encompassed in it: vulgarity, self-abuse, recklessness, etc. I don’t want unicycling to be associated with that.

As for becoming more mainstream: do you want unicycling to be the next skating? Instead of skater-boys you’d have uni-boys who would ride around shouting abuse at people. I love skating as a sport, but I don’t really dig into the skating culture.

well I have to say i don’t like the look of this either.

I think after this people really will think unicycling is for clowns (i hate those people)…

The only reason I started unicycling was because noone else was doing it, and that made me feel special. I tried skating, but that was too average, so I stopped. But now, more and more people are unicycling (and juggling too). I don’t like where this is going

Relax. It is not going to get to the point that everyone is riding a unicycle. Unicycling has too long of a learning process and it takes too much time before you get to enjoy and real progress in the learning. You can get on a skateboard and go around the block the first time you get on it. You cannot do the same with a unicycle.

A little rise in the popularity of unicycling isn’t a bad thing either. Back in the old days we had to make some of our own equipment or get stuff custom made. Now you can buy KH unicycles that are mass produced in Taiwan that are better and are much less money. A little rise in popularity is a good thing. It allows for mass production and improvements in design and parts.

It was Joe (unicyclistjoe) who did the motion capture for that… they used the same equipment from Lords of The Rings. It was originally supposed to be “drunken unicycling along a clothesline” but apparently the crew were amazed when Joe showed them that he could actually do jumps and stuff… so obviously they’ve changed the game to include jumps along a sky scraper roof or something.