Unicycling Mailing List is Down

The unicycling mailing list through email hasn’t been working for the last
couple days (both ingoing and outgoing mails). I am not sure why. Ken
Fuchs owns the list and is the only one with admin access, so I can’t do
much about getting the current setup working again.

We were planning on moving the list to the Unicycling.org server, so now
seems to be a good time to get going on that ;). This will also reduce the
spam going through the list since it’ll use a new email address. However,
first, I need to set up a usenet gateway so that the list and newsgroup
will be connected together before setting up the mailing list.

I’ll try to get that set up in the next couple days, meanwhile, to get
your unicycling discussion fix, you can read and post to the group via the
forums at http://unicyclist.com/forums or with your newsreader at

Kevin “Gilby” Gilbertson - http://www.gilby.com
The Unicycle Page - http://www.unicycling.org
Unicyclist Community - http://www.unicyclist.com

It’s sabotage in an effort to get more people to use the forums at unicyclist.com :slight_smile: <evil grin>


Yeah, that must be it… :roll_eyes:

Actually, the only thing that I can think of that might be causing the problem is if the alias for the mailing list doesn’t feed into majordomo anymore, but instead, just goes into an email account. This would explain why nothing bounces or gets sent out.