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you know, there should be a unicycling magazine/ newspaper. It should include trials, MUni, and freestyle. And hopefully it could be sold at bookstores and magazine shops so that some random person who doesnt unicycle and say “wow this is cooler than playboy” and start unicycling and stuff. It would be just like a mountain bike magazine with like product reveiws and events and interveiws. Any thoughts??

Yea i totally agree. That would be so cool, it could have rider interveiws and event reviews.

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Sounds like your ticket to fame. Go got it!!!


Im serious about this, we should have a whole bunch of unicyclists put this together and make it a reality, even if only sells one issue. It would probably be yearly but its still worth it. any ideas on titles. Im thinking UNI plus

brilliant idea!

Cough http://monocycle.info/girafon.php Cough

Well, it’s in french, but some of us understand it.

Too bad… It looks like some interesting info and articles. I understoood the pictures.:smiley:

You folks should consider joining the Unicycling Society of America, Inc., volunteer to work on its quarterly publication, “On One Wheel,” and produce the kinds of articles you have been describing in this thread. We would love to have your input and creativity!

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Inc.

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Well on a smaller scale than your aiming at ( by hey mags have to start somewhere and fanzines are a good place to start) There are at least 2 I know of. Thes the vaguly quarterly printed on glossy paper with lots of pics, “On One Wheel” which all members of the U.S.A get as part of their membership, and is probadly worth the membership fee even if you never go to a NAUCC or don’t even live in the USA. And theres the more fanzine style “The Revolution” which goes out about twice a year to all members of the UUU. I call it fanzine style becasuse some people get it on paper,but a lot get it as a downloadable .pdf so some people read it on screen rather than on paper. Its done that way to keep the costs down as UUU membership is only 1 pound a year for kids and 2 pounds for grown ups.

To recieve either of these mags, just join the relevent organisation, you don’t need to live in the relevent country ( tho international UUU members ONLY get the .pdf version as 2 quid doesn’t buy enough stamps to post a paper one).


Union of UK Unicyclists

still, its not quite the same is it? but i dont think anyone really has any idea how to start up a mag, or the funds to do it…
but hey if you do, i can wirte and take photos…

it would be nicer if it was sold at places that regular muggles go. so that way it expands the knowledge of muni,trials, and freestyle. show people its not just for clowns, and hopefully would pick up unicycling!