Unicycling Magazine Contributions

Right now I’m making a unicycling publication and every little detail about it is strictly under wraps until I am finished, but I do need some contributions from you guys. What I need are some reviews for saddles (KH, Savage, Miyata, Torker, various airseats, etc.) and also a list of unicycles that you don’t like and why they are bad. Another question I have is whether I need permission to name certain unicycle brands or if I can refer to them without any permission from the manufacturer? Thanks a bunch!


Re: Unicycling Magazine Contributions

Good question. Might want to check with a lawyer on that.:wink:

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:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

You could look up the Unicycle Reviews forum and whatever data you use, ask the guy who did the review if you may use his opinions…

and check copyrights for everything you use - name of sections, the mag, including prior use.

I just e-mailed unicycle.com for permission for photo use. I hope they comply!

One more question: because this is a public newsgroup, do I need to get permission to refer to posts that are on the forums? Also, I’m not naming any names, just threads.