Unicycling List Challenge

Unicycling List Challenge - How I became the owner of a Unicycle

It was “that time” in my life - I was approaching my 40th birthday. Wonderful
wife, two kids, cute dog, two cars in the driveway, all that stuff. Naturally,
it was expected that I should have some sort of mid-life crisis.

I decided that although buying a red sports car and having an affair with
someone at the office was the norm, purchasing a unicycle and learning to ride
it would be less expensive - though not necessarily safer. It’s been a few years
now and I’m still a beginner, but I can ride a few hundred feet without falling
off. The major obstacle has been finding the time (poor excuse, I know). I
bought a second uni when it was time to replace the cheap seat on my first one,
in hopes my teenage daughter would learn with me. After one evening on the
blacktop by the school, my daughter was asked numerous times “was that you and
your father on one of those clown-things?”.

I really appreciate reading the unicycle mailing list discussions, thanks to
those that contribute so much useful information.