Unicycling lion

I guess this is what it looks like when a lion tries to unicycle - or ride an impossible wheel really.
No idea what this logo, of a chain of campings in Norway, is trying to convey.


The camp is owned by NAF (Norges Automobil-Forbund), which would be the Norwegian Automobile Federation.

OK thanks. So lion = power, and wheel = mobility. Power + mobility = car. Hmmm.

A few weeks ago I stayed on one of these campings (not the one in Drammen though, I just found this picture with Google) and unicycled there. Then I thought the logo (which was printed on a flag waving at ‘my’ camping) was somehow fitting.

So you’re in Norway? In that case, enjoy!

Thanks, I sure enjoyed it! I am back home now. Norway is one of my favourite countries, I’ve been there on holiday probably more than ten times. Jeg snakker også lite grann Norsk.

Bra. Jeg også lærer det. Nar man kan snakke engelsk, tysk eller nederlandsk, norsk er ikke en vanskelig sprak.

Maybe I should also take my uni with me when I’m the next time in scandinavia.

Then they’re clearly not aware of the British/Australian meaning of NAF. :smiley:

I am British and obviously know the term but have never once thought of the connection in 10 years of living in Norway :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see a B.C. wheel, I see a lion working out with one of those exercise devices from the 70’s; with a handle on each side, and you roll it out and back. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought of that too, but technically such a device is the same as a BC wheel, isn’t it? Except perhaps the size, but seeing that this is for a lion it could be a regular human-suited BC wheel.

In shape only. If you’ve ever tried a BC that just has axle pegs, you’ll notice it’s a lot harder than one with the foot supports (whether platform or peg) below axle level. Big difference. Also a BC wheel without bearings, which those exercise devices did not have, would ride like crap. :slight_smile: