Unicycling Lessons

I’ve been offered a job in a nearby “circus school” as an unicycling instructorr. So far, I’ve been given very little information, but know that the students are between level 1 & 2 (thus not into advanced things)

The idea was for me to come and teach them some more advanced unicycling and help them develop their skills. The question, however, is how I best would do this. Anybody got an idea? Or any expereince with this sort of thing?

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it yet or not, but Peter Van Boekhout and I put together a site a while ago with unicycling tutorials, etc. I’ve taught quite a few people with the techniques mentioned on the site and it seems to have been working alright.


It would be nice if you could get as much info as possible to give you a better idea of their current skill-levels so you can plan from there.

I would suggest starting with something that is relatively easy to do yet still pretty impressive (kick-up mount and one-foot idling springs to mind) just to help you get some initial buy-in from the learners.
From there, structure categories of skills so you can tell them that ‘today we’ll be working on mounts/freestyle skills/trails skills/group skills’.

How long is the course they’re attending?

Of course make sure you know what the goals are for these unicyclsts. Most likely they want to perform in front of audiences, so your focus should be on that, rather than advancing skill levels with tricks and audience may not be able to appreciate or even detect.

Thank you. Yes, I will hear more from them in a few days and then it will be much easier to plan something, but doing simple and quite impressive skills sounds like a great idea! And Andrew, yes, I know about your website and I’ll look over it now.

or just sit there with a cup of tea and tell them to get practising