unicycling is the future of the national health service

According to the British journal of general practice

Eugh, apparently the NHS is too poor these days to afford the second “i” in “speciality”.

That’s a saving too far in my book. Next they’ll be missing bits out of “aluminium” and the hospitals will fall down.

Love the oldskool springy saddle… Wonder where I could get a uni saddle like that? My dad’s ancient touring bike had one, and it was the best!

EDIT: What is this even from?

Brooks still make several models.


Twin rail seatpost…

Martin (on the French forum, supposed to join us here soon), made a uni saddle using a Brooks base for urban riding.


I sort of wanted a unicycle-specific one :roll_eyes:

Perhaps you have found your calling in life? :slight_smile:

Breaking news, both speciality and specialty are correct.

In your country maybe - the original article is in a UK journal.