unicycling is not for clowns

hey people,
im really annoyed at people who see me unicycle and think its for clowns.
one lady saw me the other day and said o thats a new toy, are u going to join the circus.

dont u get annoyed at people who dont understand that unicycling is an extreme sport.

tell me your experiences.

the munky uni!:smiley:

I haaaaaaaaaaaaate it when people say that…

Well… I can understand why someone would say that if you were on a giraffe or something, but when your riding just like a normal sized unicycle it sucks :angry:

Well when i sometimes ride my friends 7ft giraffe people…
1) Look and ask how i ride it, i tell them it’s easier then it looks. :smiley:

or if

2) Try to make fun of me. I give one giant stare that looks like i’m crushing their soul from within and they turn around and run. If that doesn’t work, then i roll my eyes back and starting going demonic on them. :smiley:

Option 2 sounds much more fun :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG i hate it. Everyone one from my family and friends n stuff r like, " are you joining the circus?" arggg so annoying.

And wen ever you uni outside ppl always stare at you.
From Brendon.v

Yeah, i have just started to juggle too and my dad always jokes about me going to join the circus.
I get it a bit when people first find out i unicycle too - although once they actually see me do small hops and that they soon shut up:D
EDIT: and yes, it does p!ss me off.

im pretty sure everyone gets this all the time so ive found the easiest way to answer these questions is with real simple, no failing easy tricks like foot drop
or hopping up a few stairs

It unfortunately happens all the time. I get it a lot when I am out juggling, and obviously when Unicycling. This is because people associate unicycling and juggling with the circus.

It’s going to happen, just deal with it. I find the best thing to say is. “Yes”. People don’t seem to be interested in long explanations on that it’s fun, or it’s good exercise, etc… Just say “Yes” and move on, because that’s what they actually want to hear.

whats a foot drop?

Sorry, you would expect a little old lady to know of the imergence of what is a tiny fringe sport?

I saw this thread and was hopeing someone had a quick responce that could be said as you ride off and would turn the joke round on them. Maybe I will come back later :wink:

I don’t mind it that much. I wouldn’t excpect her to know that unicycling is a big sport so I wouldn’t get annoyed…

you can turn it on them by saying ‘only if you join me’


A relevant t-shirt would be cool. Perhaps a uni icon an equals with a slash through it and a clown icon (uni != clown).


that makes me soooooo mad!!! I Hate that, so what I do is I’ll pull a couple of tricks in a row, and watch their mouth drop, or jump off, or on something.

Just the other day I heard somebody shout “Are you a circus clown?”

I yelled back “No, I am a circus bear!” (I am 6’3" and 190 lb)

“they’re whistlin the circus tune they think there being cleva, the only time I wanna hear that music is neva” (Boojiboy/Kyle D)

When people ask me if I work in a circus I always reply “yes, I work for the NHS”. They rarely get the joke :frowning:

Mm i should use that one.

But otherwise I just say yes, they simply have no come back to it.

And then they say, “Wow, you really should join the circus, you’re all ready to be in the center ring!”

Just say “It’s a sport.”

Is trampoline a sport or a circus act?