Unicycling is like The Matrix...

No-one can be told how comfy an airseat is; they must find out for themself…

My first seat wasn’t too bad until you’d been on it for an hour or so, then it got to the point when you really couldn’t sit on it very well… which then made your knees hurt too.

I made it into a simple airseat with a 12" tube… aah, that was better, I could ride for longer, although it still got at you on long rides.

But now… it’s a proper, huge, double-height, 20" tube in a pillow jobbie. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…

What can I say? I think I’m going to convert my desk chair to have one too. In fact, maybe I could learn to use the computer while idling… hmmm…

Phil, just me

[sp]I feel cheeted- I want my 25 seconds back. Where is the long winded allagory about how things slow down when you get in the zone, or how more acurate you are with a pistol when on the wheel? At least give us some contrite quip about how ‘there is no cycle’ or how ‘cycling serounds us, penetrates us (Viscount) and binds the galaxy together (Uni.5).’




“Where’s you other wheel?!”

“There is no wheel…”

Incidentally… what’s with the “sp” tags?

Phil, just me

I get the impression it’s meant as a kind of disclaimer, e.g. Rhysling accepts no responsibility for any spelling/typing errors found within these marks - [sp] & [/sp], so don’t go starting yet another spelling thread, okay! - or something like that.

Have fun!


[sp] thats good, i may start using these in all my posts, this may open whole knew worlds for me in online linguistic freedom and drun induced expieriementation with spelling and punctuation.[/sp]