Unicycling is expensive around here!

Hey guys, i just started this thread to show that iam really pissed right now!

The first question is.
Where you live is easy to buy unicycles?

Because here in brazil… man… the closer unicycle dealer i’ve found is in usa.
The shipping cost for a unicycle to brazil is almost 2x the price of the product itself

Like… i coted a krisholms 07 and the cost was 700 USD with the shipping cost… this is a lot of money

the koox is even hard to me… lol… its 350Eu … with the shipping cost it will be to 1000euro hahahah

After watch defect on google video i decided to buy the dvd…
But man… udc final price for it was 100 USD! :astonished:

What is the first step for unicycling stores come to brazil?
Like a koox-one representant… or a kris holms… or even a unicycle.com store in brazil

I was thinking today… if my unicycle just broke today, i will be really fucked.

The only thing i can buy here on lbs is a seatpost… :frowning:

man thats sucks sorry to hear that.

If you really need something, shop around for shipping quotes. delivery method and speed is important- sounds like you’re looking at a fast courier service. Surface mail is slow, less reliable and usually (but not always) cheaper. You could look for a locally based courier service - Any outlet will use a delivery company that suits the majority of its shipments but not all. You could arrange and pay for collection in the USA at your end.

no man…
the cheaper price that udc is asking for sendind a unicycle is 300 usd
the higher price is fucking 400 usd!

is almost another unicycle!

The only thing i can buy here on lbs is a seatpost…

If you have access to an LBS. Approach them and ask if they would consider becoming a dealer for UDC.

An LBS can get products from UDC at dealers cost and could then pass on some savings to you. Unfortunatly shipping, duty and brokerage fees are also charged to the dealer but they may split the cost with you.

This might help in cutting your cost a bit.

check around…

I would check with independents like Bedford Unicycles (http://bedfordunicycles.ca) to see what shipping would be for a unicycle. I ordered some Kris Holm gloves from them at a significant shipping savings over UDC. I know that these are quite different items, but it’s worth checking.


i already thinked about that and talked with the lbs

but…unicycling is not popularized around here, and they dont know if they will sell a lot of unicycles here.

iam a consumer that will buy a unicycle per year… but i think to be a representant you have to bring a lot of unicyles.

In brazil is hard to bring people to unicycle… you say the price of a unicycle and people say

Wow! thats price is for a freeride bike!

i think what fucks the price is the duty fees

yea but you are from usa…

shipping usa-usa is very low!

the same gloves for me on udc costs 137 usd!!! :angry:
and i got this information
Please note that the shipping cost does not include customs, duties, taxes or fees.

so… 137usd is to udc send… with no taxes and duties…
ahhahah i think 160 usd is pretty mutch for a pair of gloves
i will check with bedford… but i dont think it will change

I had the same problem a while ago. But now, 2 unicycle stores opened at almost the same time:D
Just hope you get a store, or make your own

make my own unicycle store is a good idea

actually bedford unicycles is in canada, and darren is amazing with shipping… he has shipped to everywhere and probaly could get it to you for super cheap. give him a call. 1-416-729-9696. it is at least worth a try.

you have the email ?

i dont know if my english is that good for a phone call hehe :smiley:



have you tried municycle.com

theyre amazingly cheap

How about moving to Australia? That’s always fun.

Try and convince your lbs to just stock maybe a few(1 or 2) cheap unicycles, then if they sell, get more in etc, then eventually they’ll be selling unicycles. Or they won’t sell the unicycles, and they’ll never sell you anything again…

I also agree with the Municycle.com idea. They’re cheap and what not.

australia is the place… already thinking about moving just for unicycling…
my brother is living in brisbane

yea thats true… if the lbs dont sell one unicycle they will never sell anything again…

What about building your own unicycle, or have the bike shop build one for you? There must be someone in Brazil who could build a relatively cheap unicycle frame for you.

yea… there is a unicycle manufacturer here
its www.monociclo.com.br

they cost 300 R$ its 150 USD

but its crap… i can broke one in a month.
the owner of the monociclo.com.br dont care about quality, the seat is crap… dont have any kind of protection

i always show my nimbus hoppley to him and i say

  • You need make something like this! Not this shit you are doing!
    heheh he get pissed!

Maybe if you were nice to him, he’d build you a stronger custom unicycle.

I like this graphic on his site, it kind of suggests that Cokers were invented before smaller unicycles.