So …

HURRAH to Ken! )–/==========O !

HURRAH to Beirne! )–/=========OO !!

HURRAH to Kevin G! )–/========OOO !!!

and may I add:

HURRAH to Andy C! )–/=======OOOO !!!

(who might actaully have ridden such a contraption)

plus any other as yet unsung UNI WEB HEROS!!

We all appreciate your dedication to the Sport, and your professional
contributions to the on-line comm-UNI-ty!!

Steve - Director, IUF )–/================O

>Thank you John! However, the effort I put into unicycling.org is very
small compared to Beirne Konarski …

       "he is a unicycling internet hero!"

>I must add that Kevin Gilbertson has been doing great work on the IUF and
USA web sites!

>Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com