Unicycling Inspiration.

I think there has been a thread about this before but I couldn’t find it.

Does anybody here watch movies either off the internet or others such as Universe 1 or 2 before they go unicycling. I think it kinda gets me in “The Mood”. I might just be weird or something but I it gets me pumped to go out and ride after I watch one.
It makes me want to try new things and try other things that have been intimidating in past rides. Just wondering what others thought about it. Kelly.

It pretty much does the same for me :slight_smile:
I don’t watch them before i go out and ride on purpose, but whenever i do watch them, i wanna go ride and usually try new stuff :smiley:

i watch any kind of trials related videos that I own before i go riden. I just picked up a copy of manifesto by ryan leech and man it gets me so pumped!!:smiley:

  1. I look outside / check the weather.
  2. Wait till I have a good meal settled.
  3. If I have 2 hours of daylight, I look at the clock to see if too many peds are out. (weekends suk)

If all 3 are good. … I’m gone …

watching videos like that gets me more pumped to ride, but overall i just kinda go “hey seager, wanna ride?” and if he says yes we usually eat something and take off, either muni or around campus or in our garage trials course. video to come shortly.

I got a lot of inspiration from watching online videos, especially the freestyle competition videos. I like to watch to improve my technique, as well as to get ideas for new tricks, and just to get inspired to practice more.

I wacth universe 2 like 4 times a day(not all of it,i skip around)and after that i usally end up riding anyway.then i get tired, come in,watch some more,go back out,ect.

I don’t own any of those videos. I should probably buy them, but I am not much of TV person. TV is more of a diversion for me than a source of entertainment or information. But I do know what you mean by inspiration. I have been reading Lars Clausen’s One Wheel-Many Spokes and it definitely inspires me to get out and do some riding.