Unicycling Injury Forum

Would anyone be interested / post in a forum that was designated as a “Unicycling Injuries” forum?
It’d be a place to show off your road / off-road rash, post the type of injuries you’ve suffered while riding and how they occured, and maybe even a few pointers to prevent injuries.
If this thread gets enough attention I’ll e-mail Gilby about setting something up for us…

1st post:
Went riding tonight, was doing 1 foot riding in front of 3 old guys… something went wrong, I face planted into the ground in front of me. I got the crap beat out of me tonight.

I crashed on the way back home from the station yesterday while carrying a hockey stick. One of those no-reason crashes.

Given I was only riding a freestyle uni 300 metres on the pavement (sidewalk), of course I didn’t have any protective gear on. For some reason, probably the stick being in the way, I didn’t manage a roll-out and just did a go floppy fall.

I managed to injure myself in 6 different places, bashed knee (glad I was wearing thick trousers), two bruised hands, bruised rib (again…), big cut on chin and little cut on forehead.

If I’d been wearing protective gear I’d only have missed out on the forehead one though and maybe a bit less bruised hands.

As of today, I’ve got a big scab on my chin, legs don’t much, jaw is a bit annoying but okay, but damn my ribs hurt. If you’ve never bruised a rib, you don’t know how amazingly annoying it is, hurts like hell if you sneeze.

Hmmm, had to promise I won’t ride till sunday too.


I was riding through a parking lot, heading towards a park to meet up with a friend of mine to do some riding. I passed by 3 gentlemen who were all impressed that I was able to ride. When I passed by them I made the attempt to do some one-footed riding on my 24x3 Fireball with a 26" Yuni frame. If you’ve never seen this setup, you have to get your foot WAY up there. I was going fine for 3 revolutions before something went wrong, I’m still not quite sure what. Basically everything in the world stopped and I was thrown straight down into the pavement. Results?
(2) Swollen hands
(1) Possible sprain in my right wrist
(1) Bruised and scabbed right elbow
(1) Sore forearm muscle
(1) Bruised knee cap

At the time I was wearing a pair of 661s, thankfully. I can’t believe what my knee would have been like without them.
This all occured after 3-4 hours of riding throughout the day, and was around midnight.
On with the show…

Re: Unicycling Injury Forum

I think it’s a great idea but I do NOT think it warrants a whole forum of its own.

If it were a thread in Just Conversation, it could float around on the first page – like the jokes thread. But unfortunately, it is on-topic, and wouldn’t belong in Just Conversation. But we could put it there anyway.

Last year, I started a thread called Hey everyone, I just learned a new skill… in Just Conversation. I had hoped it would stay on page one and be a standard place where people could brag about new skills acquired – especially the people who don’t live near other unicyclists – and therefore don’t have people around to appreciate the difficulty of a new skill. (“I just have to tell somebody…”)

Anyway, my thread died (didn’t catch on as a “standard”), and was inappropriate for Just Conversation, but the jokes thread is alive and well. It’s always easy to find, and everybody knows about it. If you have a joke or want to read jokes, you know where to go. Same is true for the faces gallery. So couldn’t the same thing work for injuries? Without creating a whole new forum.

With a few posting guidelines, people could find things and post in the correct place. Here is my suggestion.

  • make a Gallery of Unicycle Injuries (photo album)
  • make a Gallery of Unicycle Injuries (thread in Just Conversation)

and encourage people to use them.

Otherwise, forums will proliferate and there will be too many to check. We already have two – one is on-topic and the other is off-topic (a perfect separation, and people still get it wrong). But a third is for product reviews. Already this causes some slight overlap. For example, if I want to post a comment about a KH saddle, where should I post it – rsu or Product Reviews? And if I want to read all comments about KH saddles, I should look in Product Reviews and also search rsu. If we end up with many forums, it will get even worse. And I do believe that it would open up the floodgates for new forums.

This is only my opinion. But to me, the forums work great for the most part, and any structural changes should be very, very carefully considered (not to say you haven’t).

I love the idea of standard places to go to discuss things like injuries, jokes, comments we’ve heard, etc. I just don’t know how to achieve it. Perhaps “posting guidelines” could direct people to the preferred place to post about certain topics. In addition, there are other ways of assigning structure where no structure exists. We could have a links page which has a bunch of links to standard threads. Like a table of contents – enabling people to find and post in standard threads. This warrants more thought. I’m sure there are better ideas. Anyone?

uni57 (Dave) $0.02
(I’ll post my injuries here soon…)

I Think it would be a good idea to have a seperate forum.

It’d be cool to see how other people hurt themselves.


I agree entirely with Uni57, it would be so crowded and confusing with more forums. Plus you would have to go to several different forums just to see what’s new and interesting.


i’ve got an idea…
How about if you had just one thread, but you could edit your posts at anytime. so you could just add on to you injuries as they happened. that way it wouldn’t be 5 pages long, with mainly all the same people, and you could have a standard to describe your injury, so it would be less confusing. Does this make sense ot anyone else?



Re: Unicycling Injury Forum

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003 21:19:11 -0600, nu_uni
<nu_uni.ivh4a@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>I agree entirely with Uni57, it would be so crowded and confusing with
>more forums. Plus you would have to go to several different forums just
>to see what’s new and interesting.

Me too. In addition, as a Newsgroup Addict I only see
rec.sport.unicycling in the first place (in its Usenet incarnation) or
I would have to log in to the website. I won’t go over the
disadvantages of that again (now).

Klaas Bil

Aliens abducted my chiwawa.

i think this thread jinxed me. i’m typing this with one hand due to the cast on the other wrist. i wrecked going down a short steep hill in austin today. i thought the wrist was sprained till i got to the hospital and the x-ray showed a fracture or two. unibabyguy witnessed the event. funny because last week he showed me his gloves with wrist protection. i thought that i wouldn’t need them.

hopefully the fracture is slight and will heal fast. i can’t stand the thought of my uni gathering dust in the garage. :frowning:

Picture of bruised wrist.