Unicycling in Yosemite

Anybody here ever muni’d or just uni’d in Yosemite? I was thinking of going there for a vacation, and was wondering if they would even be allowed on the trails there. The other place I think would be cool to muni…or just “off-roading” would be San Jacento…you know, at the top of the tram near Palm Springs. I was there years ago and remember how absolutely beautiful and tranquil it was. It can also be quite cold compared to down in palm springs. But again, I’d have to check to find out if Uni’s are allowed on the trails. And finally, I may be going to Catalina for 2-3 days (next week) and take my muni for the trails, and my coker for riding around town. One negative to the trails in Catalina, is that there is NO SHADE AT ALL, and in the summer, and even now it can get quite hot, so that may not be the best choice. Anybody ever ride in any of these places?:smiley: