Unicycling in X-Games!


Today will start here in Brazil the X-Games 2008!

I did a lot of demos in some big events around here with my team, and i was trying to ride in X-Games!

I was in ESPN past week doing a narration of Trial (Motorcycle) competition, and there i met an old friend that was going to work in X-Games. He loved my new video, and he said that would try to put a unicycle demo in X-Games!

Yesterday he called me, and he has a ticket for me!

We do not know if i will make a Demo yet. But he will introduce me to the orgazition of the event… And he thinks that i will achieve a rider free pass for the 2 next days!

Wish Me Luck… This event will be broadcasted to the entire world! It’s a good oportunity to the street and trials unicycling… My friend said that is easier and cheap to the organization, to put some PRO unicyclist in next X-Games Editions!

I will keep you informed!

Bye! and Thanks!

Cool, I didn’t know they had a brazil version of the X games!

Yes we have :smiley:

The biggest part of the Professional Skaters and BMXers are from USA… This year we have a lot of Brazilian good riders… For the first time we have chances in BMX i think!

I’m going now to the event…Wish me luck!


Go for it!

I can only imagine what unicycling a 1/2 pipe like the ones in the X-Games would be like. If they can pull it off. Then all i can say is. “I can’t wait.” :astonished: