Unicycling in Venice.

I’ll be in venice for the day end of month b4 i go onto croatia.

Any places there i should look to uni on? Taking me 20" with me :smiley:

Im not sure about any spots, but I know there are a lot there, just ride around, when you see a line, do it. =p

You do realize that wheeled vehicles of any type are not allowed in Venice and if the police see you the consequences are pretty hefty the locals will get upset with you as well.

Doing lines will make them even madder, not just the police but the Venitians as well. Agressive riding does have a tendency to destroy what is being ridden on and when those things are hundreds of years old the locals do have a right to get upset.

prop just do some steps, i ain’t a good unicyclist :slight_smile:

edit: just checked the rules you get given entering the city and they give £35/$50 on the spot fines :frowning:

no way: unicycles are strictly forbidden in Venice!

edit: my post criss crossed the edit of previous post …

ahh just make those venetians blind:D (hehehe)