Unicycling in Utah - was Re: Requesting help for tricks

There are indeed many unicyclists in the SLC area. Tom Copeland’s site has
some info and can accessed at http://unicycleutah.tripod.com/

And of course I ride but I’m about 45 miles south of SLC (and I cannot

There’s also Guy Hansen and his family (who I recently had the pleasure of
meeting), Rolf Thompson (founder of the annual Moab MUni fest), Dan (the
speed/distance guy whose last name I always forget), and I’m sure many

It’s surprising, actually, how many people do ride. Just in my
neighborhood I’ve discovered three other unicyclists.

I really ought to get a Happy Valley Unicycle club going.


“tron” <tron.7yahn@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> Actually, there are some unicyclists in SLC. There is a club. Can’t
> remember their webpage, but somebody representing them will post soon.
> Michael Grant probably knows of them. I got to BYU in Provo in the
> fall, so we could meet up then. I technically have the skills of a
> level 6 unicyclist (and some beyond), though I don’t know if I could
> pass off in front of a judge. A unicyclist friend of mine is at about
> the same level, and he can occasionally pull off a pirouette (something
> I haven’t figured out either).
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The unicyclists that aren’t afraid to be unicyclists at BYU meet with the juggling club there. There are 4 regulars last I knew… we’ll see how it is in the fall. I believe they meet on Tuesday nights at 7:30 in the courtyard east of the library entrance and north of the wilk. A club specifically for unicycling might not be a bad thing, though. I could certainly learn some things from other unicyclists, as the ones on BYU campus tend to be in the early stages of unicycling with a couple of exceptions.

the happy valley uni club?
isn’t there a song about that?