Unicycling in UK mountain bike races

Hi people,

I’m planning to enter a bunch of mountain bike races this year around
the uk, in case anyone else is interested in trying some of them I’m
posting the dates and info here. I’ll probably get round to entering
about half of these.

Red Bull Mountain Mayhem - 24hr Race 22nd-23rd June at Sandwell Park near

A 24 hour race doing laps of a 14 mile or so course (a bit longer than
last year). Teams of four or five, also solo riders. Entry forms sent out
28th February if you send an SAE to the address on
http://www.redbullmountainmayhem.co.uk I think may be available on line

I hopefully will be riding solo, anyone up for organising some unicycle
teams, need to get the entry in well early because it’s first-come
first-served and fills up really quickly.

This is pretty Coker friendly, so you can do the laps pretty quick, most
people did 3x10 mile laps last year (except for the exceptionally fit
people) and it was wicked fun.

Sleepless in the Saddle 6th Sep

http://www.sleeplessinthesaddle.com Another 24 hr, Similar to Red Bull,
bit later in the year. Harder course. Information above is all correct
except I’m not sure what unicycle makes sense due to the harder course.

I think I heard this will have a dual category with a team of two riders
if anyone is interested in that type of insanity then email me.

Gorrick Racing 20th Jan, 10th Feb, 17th Mar and more


Short (from about 4 to 20 miles depending on category) races around places
in the South East, eg. Swinley Forest / Surrey Hill in Bracknell, Dera
Test Track at Bagshot, Fleet in Hampshire.

These should be a fun way to discover new bits of track and on distances
where us unicyclists might have a chance on 26" wheels (at least a chance
at not being last anyway).

Thetford Enduro 17th Feb, Thetford


One, two or three 13-14 mile laps, emailed the guy about it and he says
that it’s sandy soil so won’t be too muddy. Mainly fire-roads etc. There’s
a time limit on the laps, so probably only worth trying on a Coker.

Newnham 90 22nd Sep, Plymouth

90km (or shorter 45km) offroad ride, non-competitive, supposed to be
wicked fun. Lots of people do it and looking at last years results Coker
riders probably wouldn’t be the last finishers.