Unicycling In The Streets of Manhattan

i just found this on you tube and did not see it hear one one of the best uni vids i have ever seem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck8bM97Hh3I
sorry if this is a repost but i did search

That was sick. Makes me want to get a coker. I am in the city too.

That is part of Brian MacKenzie’s “Inner Ballance” video


Contact Brian for a copy of the whole thing. It’s great.

This is the reason why my vid unicycle 2007, is getting so many hits too. Since it’s the vid second from the top with related videos. haha

To add in, Brian M.'s vid “Inner Balance” is great. Beautiful filming style, editting, and really good riding.

-Shaun Johanneson

now i want a coker :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys!

over 200,000 views now!

SAME!!! and it’s killing me…lol

watch it on your phone (don’t mind the harry potter in the linked URL, it’s a valid link)


anyone want to help me out on www.digg.com? (search for manhattan)


Cool camera

when the youtube posters arn’t hating ‘us’ they’re hating ‘them’ :thinking:

That was insane :astonished: , nice riding good filming to

I loved this video!


I am sad to see that this video has been removed from Youtube. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to sharing it with a new 36 rider this evening, but it appears to be gone. Brian? Anybody?

Ping ???

I believe the clip you are looking for is from the DVD Inner Balance. Looks like they have it here: http://funicycle.com/magasin/unicycle-c-171/booksdvds-c-171_23/dvd-of-unicycle-inner-balance-p-429.html

I think there are bits of it in that video:

The night riding on a 36" is pretty impressive. Shame it’s been chopped into short shorts in that video. Gives a glimpse at least!