'Unicycling In The Streets of Manhattan'- Podshow Plus!!

While the numbers (so far 450,000) views don’t really mean too many sales from youtube, I mentioned that only the right person had to see it.

Received an email from the Producer of Podshow Plus (Adam Curry’s show!..Podcasting’s biggest pioneer)http://www.podshow.com/

And this version, because it hasn’t been leaked, will properly credit Balance Productions, instead of ‘some guy’)

This is exciting!!

For those who have not seen the clip in question, it is from my latest DVD, Inner Balance, and can be viewed here

Hooray for pirating!

Lemme know when it’s on! It’s always cool to see unicycling on “mainstream” media (for me that means big podcasts ;)) Rocketboom had a BC wheel clip last year :slight_smile: