Unicycling in the snow

Yesterday after shoveling the 7 or 8 inches of snow we got in my part of New Jersey, it occured to me that I’d long wanted to try unicycling in the snow.

I couldn’t get much control with and had a lot of trouble mounting my 24"er so I broke out the 20"er. I didn’t go far and didn’t ride that long but it was quite a lot of fun. I rode on the street where the cars had already flattened the white stuff down.

My neighbors who were busy shoveling their own driveways seemed to get a kick out of the sight of someone riding a unicycle in such conditions. Also, some teens on their bikes came to the conclusion that I was crazy.

I’ll try it again soon I hope, but I’m glad to at least now be able to say I’ve ridden in the snow.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I was thinking about this this all yesterday and now today as well, we have some great down hill runs for sleding, but after my next class I think I’m going to take my uni, out for a spin and see how far down the hill I can make it.

Great idea


Muni in the snow is an absolute blast. It has been snowing on and off for close to 3 weeks and I have tried to get out everyday. It doesn’t take too much time to grow comfortable in the snow and soon you will be trying uphills and downhills. If you feel really daring you can start doing the above backwards and one-footed. Thats when the fun truly begins. Wow! Snow is fun.
I would say that uphill is the greatest challenge in the snow. Especially once you introduce ice and 45+ degree hills. I often must resort to pecking up the hill else my tire spins in the snow.
Trials riding is also great fun; hopping onto and off of ledges and other urban terrain. Stairs, benches, and grinds, every feature seems new. Conclusion: Uni + Snow == Fun.

Downhill in the snow is so much fun

its a combo of skidding in control and pediling like crazy, I’ll post more on the subject later

but if you havent tried it and you have snow, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING READING THE FORUM, go out and try this shit its a blast!


There is no snow here. Here is a live web cam of the Snoqualmie summit (90 minutes east of Seattle where the MUni events were for UNICON). No snow. No skiing. Skiers are bummed.

Riding in snow is definitely awesome. Today I was in a parking lot, and I noticed a 20’ pile of snow that the plow had pushed up. I had my MUni in the trunk, so I figured what the hell. Mounting was kind of difficult, but once I got started it was a very cool ride. My wheel sunk so far in that my feet where below the snow some of the time, but it was steep enough that I was able to ride it out. Anyway, if you see a pile like that, I recommend you give it a try.


I agree with ben.

those large snowbanks are great fun. the trick is to have the temperatures warm up a bit, to soften the snow, and then get really cold. This makes you wheel sink in much less. then you can do trails and pedal grabs in the snow. Um, i really enjoy snow riding, i have a studded tire that i made, and i’ll let all of you know how it holds up to this kind of riding once we get some permanent snow on the ground.

have fun with the snow!


I had a great 1 1/2 hr snow muni ride this afternoon. The trails have frozen over and are packed down by all the cross country skiers. I reduced my tire pressure to about 14 psi. (2.6 Stout on an Alex 32 rim) and had very little problem.
Dress for the weather and bring extra clothes in case you get stuck in a snow storm. It’s great fun.


I attempted to crash through some ice and ride the bottom this week-end; problem was, it was thick ice. I went sliding, and the sharp front edge of the sadle just manage to pierce the 'berg. Fun -scary, fun.


Well, if theres one thing i like uniing on, its snowbanks. Ah, yes. Surprise those at my local IGA by riding down a 6 foot high snowbank on a unicycle. Oh, yeah. Yes, I know people have beaten me on the height of snowbanks ridden down, but that was a sweet run. I should’ve brought the camera, as David said. David is my bro and Im trying to get him to learn the ways of the uni. Alas, to no avail.

If you dont unicycle in snow when its around, you are missing a lot of your unicycle training, padawan. May the, as Sofa said, “Forks” be with you.

Let it snow.