Unicycling in the snow


You said: “We don’t have Munis - just regular Cycle-Pros. Does it make a big
difference?” "Does anyone else have snow unicycling tips "

Yes, trust me on this one - tire types make all the difference in the world
when riding in snow. I ride in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the winter (near
Lake Tahoe), and I found that as long as you have a good knobby tire you’re in
pretty good shape. Also, if you have a 26" rim on your uni, they now make
mountain bike tires with steel “studs”. If you want to really get radical, you
can take your tire off, and screw 1/4" sheet metal screws through the tire,
evenly spaced (i.e. from the inside out!). The only other piece of advice I
have is to be careful when riding across transitional zones, such as from a
wet, slushy road into thick snow. The difference in thickness and compaction
can really throw you.

Good Luck

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