Unicycling in the Snow

I live in southern Wisconsin and we just got about 9" of snow… and I haven’t gone for a ride in 2 months.

What accessories are necessary for riding in the snow? How should I go about doing it? And any other questions related to riding in the snow, I am asking.

Just go for it! For the winter, I just ride my Muni, I dont have anything specific for the winter. I just take my brake off for the season because it wont work, it’s too cold for it. Wear what you need depending on the temperature and go ride! Riding in the snow is really fun :smiley:

Check out this thread.

i pretty much have to agree, just stick with the muni just cuz its gonna roll through the snow better, i would recommend a good knobby muni tire. i personally prefer the Wildlife Duro tire that is 3.0 wide.

Went riding last night, single track in 0-3" of fresh snow on leaves, rocks, roots, so much fun! Riding a Larry at 10psi is the total bomb, awesome traction and flat, didn’t gather snow, very fun :slight_smile:

Wear warm gloves or mitts

I’m jealous! i want a larry for the snow and sand:)

that´s one of my dreams , just unicycling in the snow haha

I do road and path riding on my Coker all winter long, if it’s icy I put on padding, but I go for miles, with my dog.

Hey, I ride in the snow all the time. I’ll show you the ropes any time. (P.S. I PMed you.)

Unicycling in the snow is totally doable. Extra padding is a good idea, mostly because the impacts can be very hard and more unpredictable, but then again, so is mud. Plus the comments are priceless… if people think you we’re nuts riding in the summer…

I’m still managing about 9 km a week.