Unicycling in the online tv show "GWR OMG!"

A few weeks ago I meet Oli White from the Online TV Show “Guinness World Records OMG!”. He visited me with his camera Team to film some unicycling and hear about my Guinness Record in riding over the top off bottles. Today the video out off it finally came online. I hope you enjoy it!

Lutz, you were superb as ever - that presenter though ugh He made me cringe at how over-the-top excited and fake he sounded :smiley:

Great skills, Lutz!

thanks! i think the aimed audience of this show are girls around 16 years. maybe they like the way he moderates it ;). the show was my first english spoken where i had to say more then a few words so it was hard for me to say nothing stupid.

Nice! I liked seeing the slackline in there too. Is that a 24 on the slackline?

Awesome, well done!

Outstanding! Could be a very dangerous drinking game.

Good job with your english and riding. Your a pro rider, and even though you had to think hard about the english it was all 100% understandable.

Well done! Very good as usual.

very good english!! im impressed!