Unicycling In The Dutch Mountains 2007

In 2007, the Unicycling In The Dutch Mountains weekend will take place 29 June - 1 July. A weekend full of MUni, trials and lots of fun in the hilliest part of the Netherlands. Bring your tent. www.jongleercollectief.nl

I’ll be there!
Last year it was my first time and it was awesome!!!

I would like to come, but I suppose my exams aren’t finished yet at that time. In Belgium the summer holiday starts for most people the 1st of july and some (me including) still have exams to finish in the beginning of july.

Hopefully it’s different this year, cause I would like to come very much.

:frowning: thats bad for me. I realy like to come in 2007 cause it is not far away and I like your country also. Unfortunatly there is also “Einrad Köste” at the same weekend and 9 days after is Fluck and the “Köste” is on the way to Fluck so me (and as I know many other riders) think about going to Köste and than to Fluck.
I hope it matches in 2008 !

Hi ,that sounds like it was a cool event :slight_smile: are there anymore events like that
in 2008 I would sure like to get invited