Unicycling in the D.C. Area

I’m going to be living in D.C. this fall for an internship, and was wondering if there are any unicyclists in that area who might be interested in trying to get together with me to ride.

I’m not an amazing rider, so i wouldn’t want to slow someone down who is used to hard core or non stop awesomeness. I’ve also never been to D.C. so I wouldn’t know where it is or is not acceptable to ride (unless the areas are very clearly marked).

Feel free to reply here or send a private message or whatever.

What kind of unicycling do you do?

You can check out my old blog - dcuni.com

trials/street/freestyle: I am not sure of the best spots for that in DC

muni: fountainhead and wakefield are the closest in northern va, maryland has schaffers farm and a few other areas

distance: there are tons of trails really close to dc - C&O canal, W&OD, capital crescent, mt vernon

I don’t really specialize in anything. I prefer trials and street, but I ride for distance and would do more Muni if I had better equipment for it.

and don’t forget…


Don’t forget Rock Creek Park bike path, which runs all the way from at least Aspen Hill, MD to downtown!

(I grew up the Maryland 'burbs, and we used to ride down to the National Zoo. Good times.)

Put out the word at local shops, etc. There’s bound to be an active uni/muni community for you to hook up with.


UPD in Utah

hey buddy, awesome to hear that you’re going to be moving to the DC area. in fact there is a group in DC called DC uni. this group consists of riders in the DC, maryland, and virginia areas and during the year we regularly get together to ride. in fact i’m planning on scheduling a richmond VA ride this september and a few of the guys from DC are going to be coming down. Give my friend (and organizer of the DC uni group an email) his name is joey neigh and he’s an awesome guy. joejumps4fun@yahoo.com who knows, maybe if you’re in DC in time for the ride you could hitch a ride with him and come join us for the richmond ride.

have fun and enjoy DC there are tons of places to ride.