Unicycling in Sweden - good terrain?

I will be spending some of the summer in Sweden. I will be most of the time in a cabin close to Borlänge, by a lake, but will be traveling around other places. I am tempted to take the muni, but I am not sure what the terrain looks like. I know it is pretty flat.

Does anybody have any experience riding in the area?

Come to Norway and ride a bit, we have lots of mountains :slight_smile:

You can create a post here:
This is a Swedish unicycle forum.

Thanks! I might be backpacking through Norway. Probably not Muni-ing though.

Got a friend who works in Sweden so asked him about this:

Well, Borlänge is in central southern Sweden. I have not been there,
but I think there must be plenty of wild, open spaces with lakes and
forests. The terrain is more likely rolling hills than any real steep
and rocky mountains. It will be beautiful, that is for sure. The
further north you go in Sweden, them more wild and rocky it gets.

Hope this helps…

If you create a thread in the forum rusty linked to (it’s OK if it’s in English :)) I’m sure you’ll get better answers. There’s a unicycle club in Dalarna - the county Borlänge belongs to - but I don’t think they ride much Muni.

I’ll be away a large part of the summer but will probably do some Muni in Gothenburg and maybe Stockholm.