Unicycling in Seattle?

I have had some limited success in learning to ride, but would benefit greatly from a few days of coaching. I have not been successful at finding anybody close to me (South of Seattle about 15 miles) who can ride, let alone who can help me learn! If you know of somebody, please let me know (some compensation would be available). I also need a bit of help freemounting - I have not had any success with that. It would be nice to accomplish both before the rainy season sets in.

What does limited success mean? How long have you been trying? Have you searched the fora here for tips on learning to ride? I don’t know how beneficial coaching would be.

Remember to keep all of your weight on the seat, not the pedals. Repeat that to yourself every time you get on. Look into the distance, not at the tire. Pedal in round, smooth strokes. Breathe and relax. Try to stay on until you fall, not until you chicken out. This will help you learn to make corrections.

We have a group that rides in Seattle. Let us know if you want to get on the mailing list. If we have a trials ride we will stay in one place and several folks can coach you. There are also two, large local clubs, The Uniques in Lynnwood and Panther Pride in North Bend. Attending a couple of their meetings might be instructional.

I’d be interested on getting in on that mailing list.


Well I’m in downtown seattle

Yea the e-mail group is good.

I live in the Downtown area of seattle, I’ve got a few unicycles. I’m totally down with teaching people how to ride. I find that the thing that works the best with the various techniques I’ve used in teaching others is a tennis court. Nice flat surface and a chain link fence.

Feel free to get ahold of me via the e-mail group or contact my e-mail.


I’m as well on myspace under same name,


My name is Erik. I live on capitol hill and have been unicycling for about four years. I would be happy to help you out if you are willing to travel to my area. send me an e-mail prof_nuttbutter@hotmail.com (it’s a Primus song, I’m not a perv.)

Even better when it starts resulting in some successful riding arrangements…makes all the chatter traffic worthwhile. We’ve been in a bit of a dry spell lately, which hopefully will change this weekend with a large and well-balanced turnout for the International Harper Day festivities.