Unicycling In School!?

Hello everyone,
I love to unicycle, and at school i think about riding a lot and i thought, “why not ride in school?”

I’m in the 10th grade in highchool and my idea is to ride in the halls during the passing periods. I know that there is no way the administrators and most of the teachers would let me do this so im thinking of getting a tiny 12" uni that i can hide in a jacket if teachers are looking. It woud be great if when the bell rang, you pulled out a little unicycle and rode to your next class, and if you see a teacher in the hall, you pull it out from under you and hide it in a jaket. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone had done something like this before and if you think it’s a good idea. I only have 2 20" unis right now, so I would need to buy a small one.

Good luck with your unicycling,

I rode around the hallways at university and a tech school I went to. they sort of frowned upon it at the uni but didn’t care so much at the tech school.

I don’t think you want to use a 12" though, it would be so much slower than walking.

I used to keep a little 16 inch in my locker at school and ride it when I got bored. It was pretty fun. I would just take out and jump the steps or just do some unispins. It would be kind of slower than walking between classes tho.

I’ve taken a 12" in before road it over the tables at lunch :slight_smile: hopping from table to table.
Had to rub off the tyre marks after though.

I’m completely the opposite: I do English, history and double maths when I’m riding the unicycle.:wink:

Monday the acting director is letting me mess around in the auditorium. There’s a lot of stairs and platforms in there… Should be a lot of fun…

Do you have a pep rally?

Ask your principle if you can ride it there… They would have let me if I asked sooner than the day before.

In addition to trying to ride in school, you could sign up for a good physics class and learn about force and work and angular momentum, and then spend a lot of time thinking about unicycling and a whole new light. :roll_eyes:


I rode my roller skates to/from/in class while in college and only got yelled at once by the custodian. After calming down he explained that the rolling of the wheels loosens the glue under the carpet. At least he had a good reason.

BTW: I also fell while a few times while casually wheeling along. At least my books didn’t go every which way!

When I started unicycling I was 16 and I used to take my 20" unicycle to School. I enjoyed riding in between classes and I never remember being told off too much for having it at school- I was allowed to store it in whatever class I was at near the wall or out of the way of fire exits. A lot of students attempted to ride it at lunch times and only a few could get it. What have you got to lose? They hopefully won’t confiscate your unicycle.

Now I do unicycling at school as a teacher, allowing the children an opportunity to do school unicycling in a relatively safe, controlled environment. You might even be able to convince your school principal to introduce unicycling as a new subject (if you are really lucky)!

i go to a sixth form, (for anyone that isn’t britsh that means i stayed at school but bassiccally your respected alot more) anyhow, i take my unicycle to school most days, iv’e riden stair sets in school, the head of sixth form was stood at the bottom, making notions for me to stop - but she clearly wanted to see me do it, a friend later heard her reffering to it as a monocycle :slight_smile:

I’ve ridden in my school’s gym twice I think. The guard came and told us to not ride our unis there, we said okay and he left:p I’m bringing my 12" uni tommorow, I might try to ride it in school:)

I recommend 16". It should still fit in a jacket and not leave you huffing and puffing as much when you get to class.

Having grown up in the TX public school systems, i would expect anything not football-related to be frowned upon. Maybe if you could ride while passing a football between your hands, you would get by just fine. If a teacher pops into the hall, just throw the football at him/her.

Currently, i’m an English teacher at a few Japanese elementary schools, and the principals let me ride my uni into classes and outside during recess. It’s a pretty sweet gig, in that respect.

Yeah I’ve taken my uni to sixth form, but i ride around town when i dont have lessons. I used to ride in lessons ant lunch at secondary school, but in college i can wander off to find much better places to ride! :smiley: shame it always seems to rain though :L

I took my 20" to high school a couple of times. I didn’t ask anyone beforehand, and nobody questioned me while I had it at school. I rode it almost everywhere, and if there were crowds in the way (or an administrator) I just would hop off and walk around. A few of my teachers even asked me to ride it around the class for a bit. As a wise man once said, “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.” Just go for it. The worst that could happen is that you get a talk about how “unsafe” unicycling is or something silly like that