Unicycling in Raleigh, NC

Hey all, I’m going to be working in Raleigh for the next couple of weeks. Anyone on here that lives in / around there? I’ve got my 20" and 36" with me, and would love to meet some other unicyclists and find some good spots to do some trials and just ride around. Right now I’m not too sure what my work schedule is going to be like during the week, but I’ll find time to go ride despite that. PM me if you want to get in touch outside of the forums. I’ll be working in the area around the Duke Raleigh hospital.

Available for a ride

I ride early in the morning (7am) to beat the heat. I would be available for a 36’er ride or a muni ride. I also sent you a private message.

Next time - I just moved down to Raleigh