Unicycling in Phoenix

To all who are interested in Phoenix AZ unicycling. I and another unicyclist will be meeting at the Eldorado Park (Mcdowell & 77th St.) this coming Saturday 6-30-07 at 10AM. This is the time and place stated on the ‘arizuni’ webpage for their monthly gatherings (though I suspect this may be a defunct group).

I know this is not an ideal time/temp setting for the summer & if you want to ride but not at that location/time of day please let me know by responding to this post.

My goal is to get a group of riders together for regular rides (coker, muni, trials, whatever).



unicycling in Phoenix

I’ve just started riding a unicyle and I love it! If you still have your riding group, please post the place and time - would love to join you (although I’m a novice)!
Serena, Phoenix

lol, looks like this went far 2 years ago (althogh it seems to be a good effort)!

Go AZ! Go Desert! Go Cards!

hey there is a group of us that play Unicycle Basketball on Tuesdays in Scottsdale. You can look up the club page. Any one is more than welcome to come and ride.

Hey cool. I’ll be down in AZ sometime in late summer.

i’ll pm one of you guys later in the year.

pm me your email adress and ill put it in the mailing list.

I hear Sedona is a great place to MUni; have you been there, and if so, can you tell us about it?:slight_smile:

Is South Mountain in Phoenix? If so, I’m going! This trail looks AMAZING!


i have been there many times. i have mountain biked there but not unicycled. it has some GREAT mountain bike single track. but it would be pretty intense on a unicycle. (uphill)

i am sure there are tons of crazy downhills though.

I assume you are referring to Sedona? I edited and added a mtb video from South Mountain (^) that looks like the most awesome place to MUni! Have you been there also? I can’t wait to try that place and it’s only about 5 hour drive from where I live! Only thing is that I would want to go soon since it get soooo freaking HOT in AZ! You guys might be used to it, but I’m a hot weather-hater, lol. :o

yeah i was referring to sedona lol

here is some stuff from south mountain. its got some great muni trails.
im the one with the white helmet in the first one :slight_smile:



There is absolutely a tonne of crazy downhill stuff on South Mountain. You should join us sometime :wink: Also, all of you should come to the first AZ Mountain Uni Weekend on Feb 13-15 (see my signature below).

Yesterday, the original thread poster and I just finished the 14.3 mile ride of all of South Mountain from east to west on National Trail. It’s an amazing trail with a huge variety of terrain, and beautiful views and desert life (eg, we say a Peccary) the whole way. We’ll certainly be riding some of trail during the AZ muni weekend. We’ll also be riding Holbert for those of you who want to ride one of the most challenging (and super fun) muni trails anywhere.

Hey Mark!
i didnt know you were on this forum

p.s. it would be great to have you at the AZMW terry :slight_smile:

I found this website, mountainbikebill.com a few months back, and this is the most in depth, beautifully designed website with great pics, topo maps, detailed directions and descriptions of TONS of great trails from across the US! Check out this amazing 5 day tour across AZ! Day 2 is Sedona, and day 3 is South Mtn. :slight_smile:

yeah its pretty nice.
you should plan on coming to the convention. the more the better. there will also be a trials course made by ME.

Those are cool looking trails! Thanks.:smiley: