Unicycling in old game show

Unicyclist enters around 2:40. Came across this completely by accident. Figured people on here might enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing! That’s so cool!!! Where is the rest of it?

That’s great.


Hahaha, very surprising! :D:D:D… I also loved those vintage unicycles, especially the giraffes.


Aaaaaah. That was great. I won’t ruin the surprise for others.

You got my mother up there.

Wow, those giraffes were massive! But very sturdy-looking. Complex. I loved the grabbing of the head when the guy was trying to get on the first time, like Frank Olivier did to Howie Mandell on America’s Got Talent (as well as many performers in between); it’s always funny.

The sleeve thing was a great way to bring in a fall-down dismount. I usually used to shake the hand of a very small volunteer, and pretend he/she pulled me down and do a hard-looking crash next to them.

And what about those seats? OUCH! Notice the guy on the tall giraffe took until he was almost to the corner of the audience before he got himself situated on that narrow thing. The riding style also looks uncomfortable, though part of that is probably intentional. Low seats and long cranks!

Can you imagine going on a game show and winning two pairs of slacks! :stuck_out_tongue:
Times have changed. I used to love that show.

They looked like flat seats angled back a bit. So there really is nothing new!

I was really surprised to see that wheel walking was being done in the 60’s! Now I wouldn’t be surprised to find that crankflips were also being done then! :smiley:

I hope it’s not a spoiler to mention that actually I thought it was very predictable!

Wheel walking most likely dates back at least to the 90’s (the gay ones). Crankflips, on the other hand, I’m not so sure. It’s a tough trick for an audience to detect, so probably not popular for performers to use. That doesn’t mean they didn’t learn the trick, but it’s also pretty hard on equipment, so that could be another reason for “historical” unicyclists to avoid it.