Unicycling in New York City

"I got this message from one of the members of the King Charles Unicycle Troup,
they are a performing basketball team

We will performing on Saturday, July 1st for the Circus Mundial. Located in
Macoons Park, across the street from Yankee Stadium. Show times are 3:30 PM and
7:30 PM. This will be the only day we will be appearing for them."

I will try to make the early show. Also, If anyone is interested, I will be in
Riverside Park on July 4 at the 79th st boat basin near the restaurant watching
the tall ships and riding my uni. I will try to ride today , sunday and monday
too. Email me if you are in the area and I will spread the word to try and get a
group together. Sorry I was so late getting this message out this week. It would
be helpful If other riders let me know when they want to ride so I can let
others know and plan convenient times to meet. Thanks …Andrew