Unicycling in My Neighbourhood

Hi, I thought I’d share this video of my Dad and I riding at Rydalmere Wharf (NSW Australia). I hope you like it.

Great video, I enjoyed every second of it (including your dads fall at the end :wink: )
You and your dad are awesome, and I can’t wait to teach my nephews :slight_smile:

Really good video, thanks! Love your dad’s upd at the end!

Cool video! Can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Nice riding :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed this video. What cycle are you riding?

:astonished: woah! you actually ride unicycles with your dad?!?!?! I mainly just hid from mine.

I am on a Impact Gravity (White) 20" Trials unicycle - purchased from unicycle.com (Australia). It’s my second trials unicycle - my first was the unicycle.com club trials uni.

Great video you have a cool dad :+1: