Unicycling in Morrocco Part I

Last winter I went together with some friends to morrocco to unicycle and get to know the country. The result from the unicycling can be watched on youtube:

This is only the first part out off 3 and hopefully someday there will be a docu about the whole trip including David Weichenbegers riding szenes.

It was a lot of work to paint all the rocks :wink: and i hope you like it.

Thanks to AJATA, Kris Holm and Adidas Outdoor for helping me to always have the best equipment for trips like this one.

Incrediblel scenery! Awesome riding as well!

Those colored rocks made me think if your frame is pink or also photoshoped?

There is nothing photoshoped in this video…

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/25232322

Url: http://unicycle.tv/video/1283-MorroccoPartIpaintedrocks
Video: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1283.morroccopartipaintedrocks.mov

By ‘photoshoped’ I meant digitally painted for the video needs like rocks.
Btw. Really cool effects and great riding!

I think the rocks are actually blue

Awesome video!!! The locations were amazing and the riding was first class! Morocco looks like an incredible place to visit and ride :slight_smile:

I was expecting a little mo’ Rocco there but I guess he wasn’t with you. Anyways, awesome video with tasty music as well! I’m not a big fan of pink, though, I would have favored orange. Maybe one could make an edit where everything that’s pink is turned into orange instead :roll_eyes: even though the color isn’t edited now.

Nevermind, just a stupid idea of mine. Keep up the good riding.

David Weichenberger was with me and someday there will be a full movie about the trip also featuring his realy creative riding on the same rocks. Rocco studies to much and has not enough time for trips like this.

@jojak: in this picture you can see how we did the “effect”. It was a lot off work :wink:

Okay, looking forward to the long version with David. The Rocco idea was just for the sake of word-play. Although I’m sure he could absolutely rock those Morroco rocks as well.

Keep on rocking.

Woooow man, haven’t seen that before. From now on I’ll appreciate this video much more! You should’ve bragged about it more, coz you’ve put a lot of work in it. Once again, grats!

Wow :D. Looks very cool! Thx for the vid ^^.

Loved the chilled feeling in the video! :smiley: Next year I’m also going to Morrocco and now I’m looking even more forward to it :wink:
Sadly I can’t make it to the Trials and MUni camp in Denmark where you (as well I understands) is gonna teach some trials :frowning:

Not stupid at all! :stuck_out_tongue:
This is for you munirocks :smiley: (It isn’t really that well made, was just a little bored so I made this :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for downloading your video Lutz :confused: Hope it’s alright :slight_smile: )

Thanks, that’s better:)
Maybe my perception of pink is different from Lutz’s. It might look like orange to him? Or to everybody else :roll_eyes: . Whatever. I prefer orange.


That’s a hell of a lot of chalk. I don’t really see how you did some of those bigger boulders.

That’s the Nimbus tire right? What do you think of it in comparison to the others you’ve tried?

Must be some problems with your eyes everybody loves pink ;).

I use a tire similar to the nimbus but from ajata. The tire is a little to heavy and not as grippy as others like the maxxis but the rocks in morocco where realy grippy thats why the white tire was ok for it.

Thanks for the comments!