Unicycling in Morocco Part II (Sahara)

Filmend in Erg Chebbi (Sahara Desert), Laghzira Beach and Aït-Ben-Haddou.
One day there will be a full movie about the trip also featuring David Weichenberger. Thanks for watching.

Part I:

Nice videos Lutz :D! I always enjoy them ^^.

Awesome videos! All that sand looks amazing :smiley: Those coloured rocks are cool! Liked the relaxed music. Did you have any problems with sand getting into your bearings or rim?

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/25232322 Part I
http://vimeo.com/25305481 Part II

UTV: http://einrad.tv/video/1286-MoroccoPartIIsahara

The locations in this are so amazing! The 360 off of the big rock ledge was awesome!

Nice job man! You must have had to do quite a bit of uni-cleaning no?

What is your MUni it looks odd

Thanks for the comments!

No I never had a problem with bearings even i unicycled in salt water and sand.
I also never cleaned my muni :).

Thanks its a powdercoated Kris Holm 24 Inch.

Those were both great :slight_smile: You framed the shots really well to show off the scenery and the riding. I love unicycle videos in exotic locations.

Very nice! You must have had a (sand-)blast riding down that long slope. :slight_smile:

Beautiful work on filming and riding!!!
I never worry about bearing…funny so many do.
Keep it up and thanks.

They’re only about $16 for a pair of bearings on UDC and take all of about 5 minutes to replace (if you have the right tools)

Maybe thats why he says that he never worries ;). But I dont get why people think about it also. I dont think that it is important that your bearings run super smooth while doing muni.

nicely done… good filming, edit and riding.
At 1:29 I spotted a tempting wall.
You sure get deep into the sand… feet almost touch the ground.