unicycling in michigan

Hello eyeryone! I,m new to the forums and have been riding unicycles for about 7 months now and I,m trying to find people to ride with or a least talk to on the west coast of michigan. Any help would be great! thanks

You may wan’t to check out RTUC

Michigan has a big West coast. I think there are a few guys in the Grand Rapids area but don’t know any contact info. Try searching Grand Rapids in this forum or whatever the county name is out there. Hopefully those guys are still active.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: thanks i will try to get ahold of them. i live in the ludington area so GR isnt to far to drive.

If you ever want to do any cokering or muni look me up. I’m in Berrien county but take trips up to kalamazoo every once in a while.

thanks man ! i have some family in paw paw (near K-zoo) Ill let you know if im going down that way