Unicycling in Melbourne, Australia

Hey folks,

There’s a bunch of us in Melbourne who gather to unicycle on the last
sunday of every month, more or less, and there should be a goodly
number of unicyclists there this sunday, 27/5/05.

Outside the melbourne museum, nicholson st end (if you don’t know the
area, which I didn’t, look in your melways and it will be obvious what
that means). 2PM-ish, fun for all. Try to bring at least one unicycle,
but if you can’t then at least bring yourself, there’ll probably be a
unicycle spare much of the time.

All levels of ability welcome. You’ll teach us stuff or we’ll teach you
stuff, and it’ll be fun either way.


I don’t think I can make it by 2pm on 27/05/05 but Sunday 29/05/05 hmm, no sorry, as much as I’d like to visit Melbourne, Australia for the first time and catch up with some relatives down under, me being in the UK well it’s a little too far, have fun though. (Good to know that if I do ever get over there that there is some organised unicycling :), my wife may not agree)

Re: Unicycling in Melbourne, Australia

Hah, good catch. I meant the 29th.