unicycling in meat locker

Pros? Cons? Discuss.

Small print along bottom of image says “Volkswagen commercial vehicle”. Between this and the Piano that can help you lose weight I’d say Volkswagen is putting on a very imaginative PR push. Fine example of indirect advertising.

Oh…and I think that rider could add some meat to the 55+ riders thread!

Pros: flat surface, good AC

Cons: REALLY?!?! Look at all those friggen’ hooks!

exactly what i was thinking… ouch!

Haha. I just looked up the ad on Google images and the byline (which the OP has cleverly removed) is:

“Why take unnecessary risks at work?”

(My first thought was: yeah, maybe a bike would be better here. . .)

Haha, here is the commercial…

Thanks for the clip? I’d see that butcher photo many times, but never the source. The major danger in there, of course, is those hooks. Ouch!

If it were a freezer it would also be slippery…

i think the real issue is the way his unicycle squeaks. that cant be good.

:astonished: Look at those hooks! :astonished: