Unicycling in Majorca

Hey guys. I go to Majorca for 16 days at the start of April, and I’m trying to decide whether to take my unicycle or my bike. So I’m hoping to find out:

a) How is the unicycling in Majorca? Aside from it being warm, which IS a major plus point, I’ve no idea how welcoming the surroundings are to us one-wheelers. Anybody ride out there in the past?

b) Logistics. How would one go about taking an uni on an aeroplane? Would I have to pay extra? Presumably I can’t just carry the uni onto the plane like I do the bus and try to see how long I can idle whilst it’s moving.

And c) Both things taken into consideration, is it worth me taking my uni?

On most flights you can carry 20kg, so you must see if you dont have more together with your uni.

I was in Mallorca with my trials unicycle 2 Years ago and it was nice to do some lines at the beach.

are mallorca and majorca different places?


Hi Hal.Verde, I know only one unicyclist in Mallorca , I’ll try to contact him and tell him a unicyclist is going to his island. Perhaps you can meet there.

From your second question, you can carry 20 kg of luggage and usually 10kg of hand-luggage but that dependes of the company.

I have travel with a 20" trial uni and my luggage ( 20 kgs) but not for 2 weeks.

There is an option ( it depends of the company better ask them) to carry sports stuff ( like a bike or snowboard etc) that it is not to expensive.

I give you and advice: package your unicycle to protect itself !!