Unicycling in Leicester

Hi, I’m hoping to set up a ride in leicester some time next week. I haven’t decided when yet, so if people want to suggest when they are available then we can work around that.
I’m not sure what sort of riding people generally do around Leicester, so I’m open to suggestions! I’d like to do some trials/street but I’m also up for other disciplines as well.


Well, on Monday and/or Tuesday I’ll be going out on a mid-distance ride, so if there’s fellow one-wheelers to meet in Leicester then that sounds like a good place to head for. I won’t be doing any trials/street though as I’ll hardly be on a suitable unicycle, but it’d be good to meet up anyway. Let me know when/where.


Your typical british unicyclist is a little lacking in organisational skills, shall we say. Well, in my experience we are :roll_eyes:
This is an actual snippet of conversation from a NUTS meet. (Probably)
NUTter 1 - “Shall we go for a ride then?”
NUTter 2 - “If it stops raining, when we’ve finished our pint, maybe…”

What im trying to say is, with less than one weeks notice, I reckon bugger all people will turn up. You need to give us unicyclists a bit of time to get ourselves sorted. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would love to come up to Leicester for a ride. Im well overdue a night out up there, but im busy for every weekend for ages :frowning:


i might just be able to do it on saturday my mum and dad are going up there to pick my sister up from uni and my new 36 should turn up tommorow how long distance are you talking is it 36 stuff or 29??

Well, I ride a geared 29er, so does that answer the question? :smiley:

My plan would be to ride from Nottingham to Leicester (about 28 miles), hang out for a bit, maybe ride if there’s anyone else on big wheels, and then ride home again. However, I can’t do Saturday. Sun, Mon or Tues are the only days I’ll be around.

btw Ed, short notice is normally best for me. The Southend thing was organised ages in advance, and I planned to be there, but work cropped up only a couple of weeks before hand so I couldn’t go. “How about this weekend” normally works better for me as I know what I’m doing by then :slight_smile:


ok sorry i cant do that oh well have fun if ir goes ahead

Well I’m working purely on short notice due to not knowing what I’m doing next week and whether I’m working or not. I have only been riding a couple of months so I haven’t managed to go any further than 1/4 of a mile yet! I’d love to hang out with people and have a chatter and a mess about.
If people suggest whatever they can do/would like to do, then we’ll go from there.

Well I could do any day over the easter weekend as far as I know

So friday 21st to monday 24th inclusive.

Before then I will be working, after that I will be in work for a day then at the BJC.



Seems like a convo that would take place between Joe and Kit (something similar happened at York Nuts) though it was raining and wet, so we did go the pub like and good british chap would do.

I’ve got family in Leicester, but unfortunately next week I’ll be on the other side of the pond.

So is this actually happening this week?

Just wondering.



Well I’m in Leicester now for a couple of week, so can do whatever is going. What are you up for, Plumsie?