UNICYCLING IN LEEDS - can I get some feedback please on my new video


I’ve just finished making this unicycling video. It’s my first one in Leeds as I’ve just moved here for university recently. I’ve improved at riding quite a bit (I can now drop in into 8 ft quarter pipes) and my editing has gotten much better.

Some feedback on it would be much appreciated.

Which bits do you like and dislike?
What do you think about the length of the video?
What do you think of the editing?

Hopefully my videos will keep on improving with this feedback.

My youtube channel: http://uk.youtube.com/user/caudycaudy


All is good, especially the camera angles.

Short and sweet! :sunglasses:

Awesome! Yet again cool angles and the pattern things are cool.

Keep it up!

Awesome vid Josh, I think it’s your best so far, even though it’s shorter than some of your previous ones. The music fits well and the editing is pretty smart. You’ve obviously been riding a lot since you’ve moved to Leeds and it shows in you riding! The grinds, where did they come from?! I’m envious! The big drop ins at The Works skatepark looked pretty sweet as well. I’m looking forward to when you start finding more ‘off angle’ drop ins.

Cheers guys for the feedback.

I’ve just realized that I missed out a couple of good bits of footage. There was one with a rolling hop 2 meter curb to curb gap.

Oh well. Just have to save it till the next video.

Very tight editing which I like! No filler, with action and variety all the way through. I liked it a lot!:slight_smile:

Thanks. I tried to keep it with as little filler as possible (apart from me and a mate messing about on an icy skatepark at the end).

Loved it. The only thing I can think of is that you could maybe use a bit more variety in clip length. Try throwing some longer lines in there. Other then that, totally awesome!

Nice video, decent riding, and good editing. A little short for my taste though(I was just getting into it when it ended).

that was sick…