Unicycling in killbear

Just a video my brother and I made a video of the unicycling we did on our camping trip in Killbear park. Hope you enjoy!


after watching this, I think I’m gonna go MUniing on sunday.

Great video, looked like some awesome muni on the rocks out by Georgian Bay. Earlier this summer we went camping out in Killarney, and there were some very similar land features as in your vid, tho never thought to go muni. Awesome job! (and by the way, is Killbear not a rattlesnake reserve? :thinking: )

I’ve heard Killarney is really nice, we are going there next year.
haha ya it has rattle snakes, we actually found a baby one on our campsite, they came to pick it up and it turns out that it is our campsite that they have to walk through to release them so the guy let us see the two adult snakes and the one we found. We also saw 2 bears, one of them was right behind our campsite almost everyday…overall it was an amazing trip.

Nice solid riding! Good job, but you really need to get shin/knee protection, and maybe even elbow & wrist guards. :slight_smile:

…you & your brother are great riders…how long have you been uni-ing…it’s funny- I’m a newbie & 53

Thanks and ya I know I need shin guards but I race mountain bikes and I need new wheels really bad so thats where my money is going right now…but you are defiantly right

we’ve been riding for 3 years but I’ve just started taking it more seriously the last few months

Cool, Ive never been to killbear but I have camped in Killarny twice and it is rele nice.

I love taking my uni when I go camping. There is always sweet places to ride and lots of people to impress

Looks like great rocks to play on.
I’m going camping this weekend at a lake, and you’ve convinced me I should bring the unicycle along.
Nice riding… thanks for sharing.

Nice unicycling spot! Iron maiden \m/ ! Keep on riding.

Some G-Muni :)! (girl Muni)

Nice to see both of you were wearing helmets though.

Just putting it out there, but I think your saddles are too high for good control. I would lower it about 25%. You should also always hold SIF one handed when hopping.

I couldn’t lower my seat anymore until I cut the post (which I did right when I got home) and I’m working on the SIF…thanks for the tips though :slight_smile: