Unicycling in Japan

Hey i will be traveling to japan for work tomorrow and will have 4 days down time before hand in Japan. Does anybody live in japan and want to meet up or have the contact information for somebody there who want to ride?

You didn’t say where in Japan. They have more “active” unicyclists than the rest of the world put together, probably, but most are in elementary school. However there are lots of big clubs, so it might be possible to hook up with other riders depending on location. I don’t have any really current contacts, but somebody on here probably does…

I thought that unicycling was very popular in many Asian countries, not just Japan?

It would be a good addition to this place if some of them joined here, and eventually had enough interest so they could have their own language sections added.

Tokyo to start

I will be in tokyo to start but i have 4 days. it would be fun if i could find some people to muni with. I have thing planned there i am going for work. But the first for daya of the work trip got cancelled.

You could try going directly to the source, the Japan Unicycling Association. It’s been a few years, but when they hosted Unicon in 2004, there were several very serious riders working directly in the JUA offices, and helping to run the convention. Not a lot of English on their homepage though:

But there is also a unicycle store that’s connected to the JUA, with an English page:

On there you can see their full address, email and phone number. Their office is in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. I think I went there once (1987) but this may be a different location in Shibuya-ku. Send an email to “Ken” and see if there are people that would be interested to meet and ride with you. Tell them I sent you, and if anyone remembers me, it may help! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information. I just sent ken an email I will let you know how it goes.