Unicycling in Israel

Hi everybody, I’m going to study in Israel for the next 10 months. I’ll live in Ashkelon and study in Rekhovot 3 days a week. I ride muni (on freewheel), trials, freestyle, basketball, etc. I’d like to meet and ride with Israeli unicyclists and participate in all possible uni events. I’m also going to Israeli Juggling convention (I don’t juggle but I’ve heard it’s big and there are unicyclists).
I’m going to bring several unicycles with me. Are there any unicycle clubs or regular meetings or just active riders?

You might try the Hebrew-language Unicyclist forum, though it has had almost no recent activity.

Facebook would probably give you some leads. Look up this guy, maybe, I don’t know. He seems to be affiliated with a circus school in Nablus.

חד אופן fb group
Or pm me. I’m in modi’in and would love to ride. Great muni just outside modi’in.

Thank you! I know about Hebrew forum but I don’t speak Hebrew yet (we’re going to study in Russian). And I believe it’s forbidden for us to go to Palestinian territories.
I’d love to ride muni in Modi’in, maybe in the first weekend (September 9-10)