unicycling in holland!!!

I’ve just come back at home from one of my best holidays…
I’ve been ten days in Holland, by unicycle, and I’ve met mr. Klaas Bil, I’ve ridden with him and I’ve slept at his home!
I’ve put some pics in my gallery:


But let’s start from the beginning…
Me and a friend of mine had decided to do a trip in Holland, by unicycle, and one day I’ve checked unicyclist.com to find some hints.
There was already a thread about unicyling in holland, and
there I put my questions, and there everything begun…
Klaas answered me with personal message, and from that we’ve started to speak about our idea.
After some emails, we went in Holland!
With us there were also 2 girls (they rode bkes).
We did, by uni, Amsterdam-Haarlem, Haarlem-Leiden, Leiden-Den Haag, then again Leiden-Zoetermeer, (this one with Klaas). Then we went to Gouda, Utrecht, Amsterdam, but by b
ke and by train, cause my friend was tired…
Everything has gone in the best way!
We rode more or less 15 km everyday, with big backpacks on our shoulders .
We rode 24" unicycle, cause we don’t have bigger wheels… they’re not the best uni to do these trip, Klaas has a 29er and that’s really better, but with 24" it’s good too.
This is the trip we’ve done:
After arriving in Amsterdam, we rode until Haarlem.
In Haarlem we slept in Erik’s house, a friend of Klaas, and with him we rode a couple of km (he rides uni too!). The first big thank goes to Erik, who’s been very nice and helpful with us!
The following day we went to Leiden, and we rode between kms of tulips fields, on the left and on the right! The pic with tulips has been taken on that day.
Then we went to Den Haag, and the following day we went by train to Leiden, where we started the best ride of the holiday, with Klaas and without backpacks (we rode without them (and that was really better) cause we gave them to Klaas in the morning! ). We rode out of a city, along a river, then between fields and sheeps. Amazing!
We had dinner with Klaas and his family, we slept at Klaas house, and the morning after we went by uni to the train station, to take the train to Rotterdam.
The following days the weather was changeable, so we went to Gouda by train and to Utrecht by bike. We use the uni only to do local trips.

So, really thanks to Erik and Klaas, with their help our trip has been unforgettable!

And, Holland is the unicyclists paradise!
6000 KM of cycling routes… You can go everywhere with a uni!

WOW WOW WOW :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ciao ciao

Thanks again to Klaas Bil, he’s really a nice person.

Re: unicycling in holland!!!

On Wed, 12 May 2004 13:41:38 -0500, “giocologgi” wrote:

>I’ve just come back at home from one of my best holidays…

I’ve been waiting patiently till giocologgi would start this thread as
he said he would. It was a real good experience. Giocologgi and his
friends turned out to be very nice people and (the two males) good
unicyclists. Both also juggled very very well and taught Jorga and me
some nice tricks to try. We also enjoyed the authentic Italian meal
(maccheroni a la Genovese if I got that right) that they cooked for
all eight of us (the four of them and my family).

They did the whole trip on their 24" unicycles and two rented bikes
while I brought my 29er for the day we did together in the nicest
spring weather imaginable. But we switched unis a lot, I ended up
riding less than half the distance on my own uni.

Giocologgi and friends, you’re always more than welcome to come back -
but you knew that.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

Re: unicycling in holland!!!

All of that text was apparently added with the ‘edit’ button and it didn’t make it to the newsgroup. (I noticed only because I checked unicyclists.com from work (broadband) to download the photos.) So, my remark about the 24 vs 29 difference was covered by giocologgi without me knowing it.

Unicyclists are the best! Meet them if you can!

Klaas Bil

Well, sorry for the delay, but I’ve waited a various things:
the print of the picture, then the scan of them (done by a friend of mine), then he send them to me…

Again, thank you