Unicycling in Hawaii?

I’ll be moving to Oahu in the fall and was wondering what the unicycling is like on island. I have a 24" muni and a 36 right now; itching for a 29er. I can’t imagine needing another ride for HI, but. . .?

Also, are there any clubs/groups/informal regular gatherings of unicyclists over there?


Yeah!!! A playmate.

We have great technical trails. Hope you like Muni.

I find the roads(highways) a little dangerous. But I do have a 29’’ schlumpf.

Send me a PM. and we’ll hook up for sure.
No clubs that I know of. I tried (not hard enough) to get people motivated but it’s hasn’t caught on yet. Maybe I could help you start a club. :sunglasses:
I know two guys over 40 that might ride couple times a year.
I met couple other guys but either moved away or had no time.

keep in touch

aloha, Dani


I knew there was someone from Oahu on here, but your username slipped my memory.

I have no issue with technical muni, but there are days when I just want to get on the big wheel and fly for 10-20 miles, which I think will either put me on the other side of the island, or into the drink, depending on which way I go out there. . .

This ain’t FLA…

In Hawaii, you are either you’re going up a hill or down. Very few flat spots.
I have a great road ride with no traffic. Hoomalahia Botanical Gardens. It’s 5 miles of rolling hills. It’s pretty enough to do 4 times.

Waikiki is one of the most level places. Like Kapiolani Park.

Century Ride is in September. Great time to ride the streets. I did 20 miles last year.